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Bordeaux Airport Access

The Bordeaux Airport is located in the town of Mérignac about 6 miles/10 kilometres west of the city. The airport is well signposted. Just follow an aeroplane logo/Mérignac. Once you get very close to the airport the signs might change to 'aérogare', French for terminal.

The airport is off the 'rocade de Bordeaux' or 'Le boulevard périphérique'. The official name is the Autoroute A630. In short the 2x2 motorway that goes around Bordeaux. The junction for the airport is 11b (Aéroport).

Depending on where you are coming from or going you might drive over the Pont d'Aquitaine.

If you don't have a car or don't hire one you can still get from the airport to Bordeaux (and vice-versa) thanks to the airport shuttle - 30'Direct.
There are 1-2 shuttles per hour depending on when you travel. Travel time is about 30 minutes and the cost is €7.20 for a single and €12.30 for a return. There are discounts prices (€6.20 for a single and €10.30 for a return) for those under 26, over 60 and families of 3 or more. Children under 5 travel free.
The shuttle stop at the airport is in front of Hall B arrivals (lower) level (near the information booth inside the terminal and tourist office tent outside), just look for the signs at the airport. The shuttle has 4 stops in Bordeaux, Barriere Judaique, Place Gambetta (tramway line B), 1/3 allées de Tourny (near the Tourist Office) and the Bordeaux train station (tramway line C).

There is also bus 49 that runs from the airport to Bordeaux 2 and lets you transfer to tram A.

Address and Phone Number of the Bordeaux Airport:
Aéroport de Bordeaux - Mérignac
Cidex 40 Avenue Président J F Kennedy
05 56 34 50 50